Welcome to the PowerTeam Success System™.  This patented system was created to help you fuel MASSIVE growth in your new Tempo Wireless business while creating the future leaders of this company.  By plugging into this system you will be giving your business a major running start and at the same time be able to learn what it takes to build a true residual income in your home based business! 

The PowerTeam is a special leadership development program designed by Ben Sturtevant.  What should be understood first and foremost is that this is NOT a system endorsed or supported by Tempo Wireless/Birch Communications.  This system is also NOT available to everyone, only people who are invited privately by Ben Sturtevant are eligible to participate.

The goal of this system is to create momentum, leadership, leverage, and ultimately the growth of long-term residual income.  Here is how it works:

If you feel that you are SERIOUS about learning how to build a successful residual income and you're willing to follow mentorship that will teach you to do so then you qualify to be considered for the PowerTeam!  Watch this short overview of the PowerTeam to see the true power of this system:


Here are the requirements to become a PowerTeam participant:


1. Personal invitation from Ben Sturetvant

2. Join Tempo Wireless as a Senior Manager ($49)

3Enroll in the MyWirelessPRO Marketing System ($25 per month) (www.mywirelesspro.net)
4. Order the ELITE Advertising Pack from the MyWirelessPRO Back Office


Here are the benefits of joining the PowerTeam:  


1.  AUTOMATIC PROMOTION to Regional Manager (3rd leadership level)

2.  GUARANTEED growth in your team!

3.  EARN RESIDUAL INCOME from all the growth that is generated by the PowerTeam

4.  Growth in your organization that will count towards your future promotions!

5.  One on one mentoring to show you how to build a residual rich organization

6.  Specialized training for PowerTeam Members!


Absolutely, you're still going to have to build your own team!  The PowerTeam won't do it all for you, but it will give you a running start.  More importantly you will be able to witness first hand what it takes to build a successful organization.  You will be separating yourself from the average person and immediately identifying yourself as a leader on our team.  This is your opportunity to work one on one with a MLM Millionaire and experience FREE growth in your business - growth generated by me, Ben Sturtevant.  Separate yourself from the pack and start building your leadership role in our company!


Don't hesitate get started today!


Site Disclaimer:  This website and this system  is in no way affiliated or endorsed by Tempo Wireless or Birch Communications.  This is a private site of an independent agent and should not be considered an official Tempo Wireless marketing website.