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Corporate Headquarters
Lightyear Wireless
1901 East point Parkway
Louisville, KY 40223

Phone: 866-737-5825


Lightyear is poised to revolutionize many multi-billion dollar industries simultaneously:


Parent Company: Lightyear Network Solutions, a full-service communications company founded in 1993



80,000 sq-ft World Headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky with over 180 employees servicing more than 250,000 customers. Better Business Bureau and COMPTEL/ASCENT Member



Number 19 on Inc 500 Fastest Growing Privately Held Companies


  Federally Licensed Publicly Traded (OTC: LYNS) Communications company  
  Multi-million dollar data billing center  
  Clients include:  JCPenny's, Arby's, Hertz, Toyota, Applebee's and many others  

Lightyear Wireless: Wireless MLM Sales Division. Launched July 2008

  Wholesale partnership with nation's largest most reliable network - see the Verizon press release for yourself:  CLICK HERE  
  State of the art phones such as Blackberry's, competitive plans such as the $59 unlimited calling, text AND DATA plan, family plans, texting plans, and much more!  
  Only MLM company in the U.S. that pays true residual commissions on their own privately branded wireless product!  
Lightyear Management Team

Sherman Henderson, Founder and CEO, Lightyear

Sherman started Lightyear Network Solutions in 1993 with two simple philosophies: allow everyone an opportunity to participate, and give consumers a choice. By 1999, Lightyear was ranked #19 on Inc Magazine's fastest growing companies and had grown to over $250 million dollars per year in customer revenue with 250,000 customers nationwide.

Sherman attributes Lightyear's phenomenal success to his Employees and Independent Agents. Teamwork truly does make the dream work! Find out why. Read "Fighting The Good Fight"

COMPTEL/ASCENT - 6th Term as Chairman of the Board
Entrepreneur of the Year in Kentucky and Indiana - 1996
Named Top 25 Most Influential People in the Communications Industry

Sherman and his wife, Judy, have two children and five grandchildren.

Ron Mattingly, Training & Sales

Ron began his career at Lightyear in 1999 supporting customers in a supervisory role. He later went on to manage Lightyear's largest agent who billed over $11 million dollars per month and had over 40,000 customers nationwide. Ron's knowledge of Lightyear's back office support systems and experience managing hundreds of people in Lightyear's Customer Support Center was a perfect fit for Lightyear Alliance.

In 2003, Ron joined the Lightyear Marketing Team. He helped start Representative Support and worked internally to create back office and support tools for our Representatives. Over the last 12 months, Ron has helped bring new products and services online, and he travels to share his knowledge with the company's terrific Representatives.

Ron has 9 years of telecommunications and Lightyear back office experience. Ron and his wife, Angie, have a daughter, Katie.

Julie Riggs Representative Communication & Event Planning

Julie began her career at Lightyear in 1999 and has managed employees and projects for our Customer Care, Marketing, Sales Support and Financial Billing Departments. As you can see, Julie has a lot of experience and knowledge with almost everything Lightyear does.

In 2004, Julie joined the Lightyear Team and has helped improve overall communications organizing and communicating local events held all over the U.S. and Puerto Rico and sharing information via email daily to our fantastic Representatives. Julie helped organize and execute LightMania 3 in 2006 and it was a phenomenal success. She also works daily with our top Representatives providing them with her knowledge and support.

Julie brings 8 years of telecommunications and relationship selling experience to the company.

Jamie Pike, Manager of Lightyear Wireless

Jamie began his career at Lightyear in 1997 supporting customers in a supervisory role. Jamie has tremendous knowledge of Lightyear's network support systems and has extensive experience managing the Lightyear Alliance Customer Support Center.

Jamie has 10 years of telecommunications and Lightyear network support experience.

Rhonda Jurgenson, Marketing Director

Rhonda brings to the team more than 15 years of Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations experience.

A former ad agency executive and award winning graphic designer, Rhonda makes sure the Lightyear Alliance brand and collateral materials stay consistent and in the consumers view. From coordinating press conferences to creating corporate campaigns, she is hands-on in nearly everything pertaining to the company that comes in contact with the public and our Representatives.

Rhonda has been with Lightyear since 2003.

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